High Purity Niobium Nitride NbN Powder CAS 24621-21-4, 99%

High thermal and chemical stability makes Niobium-nitride a great superconducting thin films material. You can prepare it by mixing nitrogen with argon in a gas mixture. Purity: 99%Particle Size 5um About Niobium Nitride NbN Powder : Niob


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Aluminum Silicon Carbide Al/SiC

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High Purity Iron Boride FeB Powder CAS 12006-84-7, 99%

Iron Boride may be called the chemical constitutive. Iron Boride is also known as homobic grey orthogonal quarz. It can melt at 1652 degrees Celsius. Its density is 7.15g/mL. Purity>99 Particle sizes: 20-40um Iron boride (FeB); boranylidyneiron CA


Wide application prospects of high-purity hafnium nitride powder

High Purity Hafnium Nitride HfN Powder refers to high-purity Hafnium nitride powder. Hafnium nitride is a gray powder with a cubic crystal structure, a melting point of up to 3310 ℃, and a microhardness of 16GPa. It is quite stable but easily corrupted by aqua regia, concentrated sulfuric acid, and hydrofluoric acid. This powder is generated by the direct reaction of hafnium and nitrogen at 900 ℃, or by the reaction of hafnium halides with ammonia or a mixture of nitrogen and hydrogen gas. It has the characteristics of high purity, small particle size, uniform distribution, large specific surface area, and high surface activity.

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