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New progress in improving the efficiency of solar cells with high-purity copper sulfide

High-purity copper Sulfide CuS, also known as high-purity copper sulfide, is an inorganic compound. Usually black or black brown crystals or powder. Insoluble in water and dilute acids but can decompose in concentrated sulfuric acid. Dissolve in an ammonia solution of potassium cyanide and sodium sulfide, forming a dark green solution.


Similarities and Differences Between Nano-tin Powder and Nano-tin Alloy Particles

As two important nanomaterial forms, nano-tin powder and nano-tin alloy particles (low melting point alloys) have unique physical and chemical properties and have broad application prospects in many fields. Although they are similar in name, there are significant similarities and differences in composition, properties, and applications.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Preparation Methods of Manganese Diboride

Manganese diboride (MnB2) is a new functional material with many potential applications. Its crystal structure, chemical bond, physical, chemical, optical and magnetic properties are the focus of research.

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