The application of stearamide lotion in the coating industry has achieved remarkable results

Stearic Acid Amide Emulsion is a material with excellent emulsification performance, which can effectively disperse and stabilize the water phase and oil phase together, playing the role of emulsifier. This lotion has a wide range of applications in industrial fields, such as coating manufacturing, textile industry, metal processing, and other industrial processes, which help to mix and disperse different ingredients and improve product quality and performance.


Research Status and Development Trend of Stearic Acid Amide Emulsion

Stearic acid amide emulsion is a fine chemical product produced by nanocomposite technology. Its appearance is a white emulsion with non-toxic, pollution-free, non-dangerous characteristics and a green product.Stearic acid amide emulsion has excellent emulsifying properties, which can effectively disperse and stabilize the water and oil phases together. In the industrial field, it is mainly used in coating manufacturing, the textile industry, metal processing, etc., which can improve product smoothness, wear resistance, and anti-adhesion properties.


High Quality Stearic Acid Amide Emulsion

A white stearic acid amide oil emulsion. The product is environmentally friendly, safe, clean, and non-polluting. It can be used in paints, inks, and leather coatings.Particle Size: D50: =2um Stearic Acid Amide Emulsion: Stearic acidamide amide,


The application advantage of stearic acid amide emulsion

As an important surfactant, stearic acid amide emulsion has been widely used in many fields. With the continuous development of science and technology and the change of market demand, the future application prospect and development trend of stearic acid amide emulsion will be broader.


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