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Comparison And Analysis Of Titanium Carbonitride And Other Hard Materials

Titanium carbonitride (TiCN) is a very important material, because of its excellent hardness and wear resistance, is widely used in cutting tools, molds and wear parts and other fields. Compared with other traditional hard materials, titanium carbonitride has certain advantages in hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance and environmental impact.


High Purity Hafnium Hydride HfH2 Powder CAS 13966-92-2, 99%

Hafnium hydroide, chemical formula: HfH2, is a black-gray powder that's primarily used in the aerospace industry and atomic power industry. Purity: 99%Particle size 325mesh Hafnium Hydroide HfH2 powder: A grey-black powder, Hydride Hafnium (HfH2


MPEG Methoxypolyethylene glycols

MPEG Methoxypolyethylene glycols is nonionic and soluble with water, alcohol, and organic solvents. It has a low vapour pressure and is heat stable. MPEG Methoxypolyethylene glycols MPEG is stable under normal pressure and temperature. This raw ma

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