Tallowbis (2-hydroxyethyl) amine oxide CAS 61791-46-6

High flashpoint, solubilization & thickening. Content: 49-51% Tallowbis (2hydroxyethylamine) amine Oxide CAS 61791-46-6 The oxidation of sodium oleate in the air can cause a darkening and rancidity. It is soluble in water and its aqueous solutio


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Application Principle, Effect and Prospect of Lanthanum Nitride in Different Fields

Lanthanum nitride, as a material with excellent physical and chemical properties, has shown broad application prospects in many fields. The application principle, effect, and prospect of lanthanum nitride in catalysts, optical material, electronic devices, and other fields will be introduced in detail below.


Metal Alloy 17g/cm3 Tungsten Nickel Iron Bar Tungsten Alloy Bar

Tungsten alloy products have low thermal expansion and high density. They also absorb radiation and are high in thermal and electrical conductivity. About metal alloy 17g/cm3 Tungsten nickel iron bar Tungsten alloy bar: Tungsten is known for its


​ Hexagonal boron nitride BN powder shines brightly in the field of nanoelectronics

​Hexagonal boron nitride powder is a typical III-V group compound composed of nitrogen and boron atoms.

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