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Cement Antifoam

Cement antifoam has the ability to maintain a healthy physical state without destabilizing the demulsification process, breaking the foam or suppressing it. It is also stronger than the usual temperature. This product can be used for foaming.


LMEA-M Laur-myristamide MEA CAS 142-78-9

Laurmyristamide MEA (non-ionic surfactant) is used for improving foam systems. Laur-myristamide MeA: Lourmyristamide is a non-ionic detergent that is produced by the reaction between 70% lauric acids and 30% myristates with ethanolamine. It is a


EHES Sodium 2-ethylhexyl Ether Sulfate, 50%

EHES is a mild foaming agent with excellent dispersion, stain removal, hard water resistance, and good permeability. This compound can quickly disperse and be compatible with hard water, with high electrolyte stability. In addition, it also has high temperature and alkali resistance, which can maintain stability in various environments.

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