High Purity Ytterbium Oxide Yb2O3 Powder CAS 1314-37-0, 99.9%

Description of Ytterbium Oxide Yb2O3 Powder  :

Ytterbium oxide Oder ytterbium trioxide This is one the most commonly found compounds in ytterbium. It's a rare earth C-type sesquioxide structure that is linked with a fluorite structure where a quarter of the anions are removed. This results in ytterbium molecules in two distinct six-coordinate (nonoctahedral) environments. Ytterbium oxide  Formula chemical Is Yb2O3. Ytterbium oxide molecular Weight Is 394.08. Pure ytterbium oxide When containing thulium oxide, it is either a colorless powder or light brown to yellow. The micro-hygroscopicity makes it easy to absorb water, carbon dioxide, and other substances from the air into basic ytterbium carbonate. It's the only alkalinity that is weaker than lutetium oxide in the atrium group.

Ytterbium oxide is a white amorphous material with slight hygroscopicity. The melting point is 2346, and the relative density is 9.17. Ytterbium oxide is insoluble with water and cold acid but soluble when heated dilute acids are used. The oxidation state of ytterbium is divalent or trivalent. Ytterbium at room temperature can slowly be oxidized with air or water. A colorless powder called ytterbium dioxide can also be dispersed in acid to make colorless salts like ytterbium sodium nitrate and ytterbium Sulfate. Also, colorless, paramagnetic trivalent ytterbium ions have sharp absorption bands within the near-infrared spectrum. This can be used for quantitative analysis of ytterbium. You can reduce the ytterbium-chloride (YbCl3) with hydrogen. An aqueous solution can make the bivalent trivalent ytterbium Ion unstable.

Performance of Ytterbium Oxide Yb2O3 Pulp :

Ytterbiumoxide is a white amorphous material with slight hygroscopicity. The chemical formula for Yb2O3 is Ytterbiumoxide is insoluble with water and cold acids, but soluble when heated dilute acid.

Technical Parameter for Ytterbium Iron Oxide Yb2O3 powder :

Product nameMFPurityParticle SizeMelting PointDensityThe color of the sky
Ytterbium OxideYb2O399.9%-100 Mesh23469.17 g/cm3We are white

Production Method Ytterbium Oxide Yb2O3 Powder
Direct synthesis: Direct reaction of metal ytterbium and oxygen at high temperatures, or reaction of ytterbium trioxide and carbon at high temperatures to produce ytterbium oxide. The formula is Yb2O3 or Yb2O3·C→YbO2+Yb2O3.

Calcination method: direct calcination of ytterbium trioxide in the air to obtain ytterbium oxide.

Compound decomposition method: Salts that contain ytterbium, oxides, or hydroxides from alkali metals, also known as alkaline earth metals, are broken down in solutions to form ytterbium oxide. For example, ytterbium hydroxide is obtained by a double decomposition reaction with alkali metal or alkaline earth metal hydroxide and ytterbium fluoride in water and then by calcining ytterbium hydroxide to obtain ytterbium oxide.

Ion exchange method: An ion exchanger is used to interact with a solution containing ytterbium to separate ytterbium in the form of an oxide. For example, an ion exchange of a solution containing ytterbium with the anion exchange agent SDB (sulfonated styrene-divinylbenzene) can separate ytterbium as an oxide.

Electrolysis: A solution containing ytterbium is passed into the electrolytic cell, electrolysis is carried out with an appropriate type of electrode (such as graphite or stainless steel electrode), and ytterbium oxide is precipitated on the electrode.

Application of Ytterbium Oxide Yb2O3 Powder  :

Laser: Ytterbium oxide is an excellent laser material with high energy, high efficiency, low threshold, and other advantages. Its crystals have a high refractive index and can be used to make high-power laser lenses. In addition, ytterbium oxide can also be used to make gain media and resonators in lasers, as well as laser accessories in the fields of laser display and optical storage.

Optical coating: Ytterbium oxide is an excellent optical coating material with a high refractive index, wide light transmission range, and high thermal conductivity. Its application scope covers glasses coating, camera lens coating, optical fiber coating, and so on. By evaporation of rare earth elements such as ytterbium oxide on the surface of optical elements, the optical properties and weather resistance of optical elements can be improved.

Catalyst: Ytterbium oxide can be used as a catalyst for the synthesis of polymer materials such as rubber, synthetic fibers, and plastics. Its high activity, low cost, and easy handling characteristics make it an ideal catalyst material. In addition, ytterbium oxide can also be used as catalyst support material to improve the activity and stability of the catalyst.

Medical field: Ytterbium oxide is mainly used in the medical field in fluorescent diagnostic instruments. Its advantages of long luminescence time, high brightness, and slow decay make it an ideal fluorescent marker. In addition, ytterbium oxide can also be used to make fluorescence detectors, cell imaging reagents, and drug carriers.

Energy field: Ytterbium oxide can be used to make photoelectric materials in solar cells to improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar cells. In addition, ytterbium oxide can also be used to make oxygen electrode materials in fuel cells to improve the efficiency and stability of fuel cells.

Ceramic additives: Ytterbium oxide can be used as a ceramic additive for the preparation of high-performance ceramic materials. Its advantages of high melting point, high hardness, high chemical stability, and high electrical properties make it an ideal ceramic additive. In the ceramic industry, the addition of ytterbium oxide can improve the hardness and strength of ceramic materials and has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Storage conditions for Ytterbium Oxide Yb2O3 powder :
Weakened powders can cause a damp reunion, which will have an adverse effect on Yb2O3's dispersion and use performance. Therefore, it is important to keep ytterbiumoxid in vacuum bags and kept dry. The ytterbiumoxid should not be exposed to the air. Additionally, Yb2O3 powder must be kept away from stress.

Shipping and packing of Ytterbium Oxide Yb2O3 Pulp :
Many types of packaging are available depending on the amount of ytterbium powder Yb2O3.
Packing of powdered Ytterbium oxy Yb2O3 - Ytterbium Oxide Yb2O3 You can vacuum pack 100g, 500g, 1kg/bag or 25kg/barrel. Or as you request.
Powder shipping of Ytterbium oxide, Yb2O3 could be sent out by express, air or sea after receipt of payment.

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Ytterbium Oxide Powder Properties    

  Other Titles   Ytterbia, Ytterbium monoxide,      
  Diytterbium trioxide oxide,      
  Ytterbium (III) oxide, Oxygen(-2) anion;      
  ytterbium(+3) cation, Ytterbium(III) oxide, Oxoytterbium
  Compound Formula   Yb2O3
  Molecular Weight   394.08
  Appearance   Powder White
  Melting Point   2355              
  Boiling Point   4070              
  Density   9200 kg/m3
  Solubility of H2O   N/A
  Exact Mass   189.934 g/mol
  Monoisotopic   3.95.862544 D

Ytterbium Oide Powder Safety & Health Information    

  The Signal Word   Alert
  Hazard Statements   H315-H319-H335
  Hazard Codes   Xi
  Risk Codes   36/37/38
  Safety statements   26-36
  Transport Information   NONH on all transport modes

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