Difference Between Spherical Nickel Powder and Atomized Nickel Powder

Difference between spherical nickel powder and atomized nickel powder:

Preparation method

Preparation of spherical nickel powder:

Spherical nickel powders are usually prepared by chemical reduction or physical vapor deposition. The chemical reduction method is to react nickel salt solution with a reducing agent and reduce nickel ions into metal nickel by controlling reaction conditions and forming spherical particles. The physical vapor deposition method is to heat the nickel source material to evaporate and condense into spherical particles in an inert gas.

Preparation of atomized nickel powder:

Atomized nickel powder is prepared by the metal atomization method. In this method, the molten nickel metal is sprayed into the high-speed airflow, which is quickly cooled and broken into fine particles to obtain atomized nickel powder.

Physical characteristics

Physical properties of spherical nickel powder:

The spherical nickel powder particles are spherical or nearly spherical, with smooth surfaces and uniform particle size distribution. Its loose packing density is low, has good fluidity, and is easy to mix with other powders. In addition, spherical nickel powder has a higher packing density and a smaller specific surface area.

Physical characteristics of atomized nickel powder:

The atomized nickel powder has an irregular shape, rough surface, and wide particle size distribution. Its loose packing density is higher, and the fluidity is poor, but the specific surface area is larger. The atomized nickel powder can easily form a void when deposited, resulting in a low packing density.

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Application fields

Application fields of spherical nickel powder:

Spherical nickel powder is widely used in powder metallurgy, metal injection molding, 3D printing, and other fields because of its fluidity and high packing density. In addition, spherical nickel powder can also be used to prepare catalysts, conductive pastes, electromagnetic shielding materials, etc.

Application fields of atomized nickel powder:

Because of its large specific surface area and irregular particle shape, atomized nickel powder is applied well in coating, ink, rubber, and other fields. In addition, atomized nickel powder can also be used to prepare conductive coatings, electromagnetic shielding materials, catalyst carriers, etc.

Performance comparison

Electrical properties:

Spherical nickel powder has a lower resistivity and higher conductivity because of its regular particle shape and compact packing. The shape of atomized nickel powder particles is irregular, the deposit void is large, the resistivity is high, and the conductivity is low.

Magnetic properties:

The spherical nickel powder has good orientation, high coercivity, and saturation magnetization in a magnetic field. Due to its irregular particle shape, the atomized nickel powder has poor orientation and low magnetic properties.

Thermal performance:

Spherical nickel powder has high thermal stability and low coefficient of thermal expansion. The surface of atomized nickel powder is rough, the specific surface area is large, easy to oxidize, and the thermal stability is poor.

Mechanical properties:

The material prepared by spherical nickel powder has higher strength and hardness and better wear and fatigue resistance. However, due to the irregular particle shape, the material prepared by atomized nickel powder can easily produce stress concentration and poor mechanical properties.

Advantages of spherical nickel powder: 

Good fluidity: The shape of spherical nickel powder is regular, and the fluidity is good, which makes it excellent in the process of mixing, filling, and coating. The void between the spherical powder is small, and the filling rate is high, which is conducive to realizing high-density accumulation and improving product performance.

Excellent electrical conductivity: Nickel is a metal with good electrical conductivity, and spherical nickel powder is composed of fine particles. There is close contact between the particles, so it has a low resistance. 

Easy preparation: spherical nickel powder can be prepared by a variety of methods, such as chemical reduction method, physical vapor deposition method, etc. These methods are relatively mature and can achieve large-scale production to meet the needs of industrial applications.

High purity: spherical nickel powder can strictly control the impurity content during the preparation process, so it has a high purity. High-purity nickel powder can improve the product's performance and reduce the production cost.

Wide range of applications: spherical nickel powder is widely used in cemented carbide, chip multi-layer ceramic capacitors, magnetic materials, high-efficiency catalysts, conductive paste, absorbing materials, electromagnetic shielding materials, and other fields. In addition, spherical nickel powder can also be used to prepare conductive adhesives for bonding conductive components and wires.

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