Tricetylmonium chioride CAS 52467-63-7

The hair will be moderately plump and soft after using the shampoo. Tricetylmonium Chloride CAS No. 52467-63-7 After use, it can be used in shampoos, hair care products and other products that give hair moderate plumpness and softness. The suggest


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Synthesis and Properties of Nickel Oxide Nanomaterials

Nickel oxide (NiO) is a material with wide application and importance, and its nanostructure has potential application value in many fields. The synthesis method and properties of nickel oxide nanomaterials were studied in this paper. Nanomaterials with different morphologies, such as nickel oxide nanoparticles, nanowires and nanorods, were successfully prepared using different synthesis strategies. In addition, the properties of Ni oxide nanomaterials in catalysis, optoelectronics and sensing were also studied.


High Purity Antimony Selenide Sb2Se3 Powder CAS 1315-05-5 99.9%

Antimony triselenide (Sb2Se3) is a chemical compound that crystallizes inside an orthorhombic area group. Sb2Se3 is remarkably similar to the topological insulator Sb2Te in terms of physical and structural similarities. Particle Size: powder, -100 me


High Purity Chromium Cr Powder CAS 7440-47-3, 99%

Chromium powder is a silvery-white metal with a slightly dark gray color (body-centered cubic crystal system).Purity>99.95%Particle size: 53-125um(FSSS) About Chromium Cr Powder:Chromium is a steel-gray, lustrous, and hard metal that finds wide us

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