Research Background and Significance of Titanium Hydride

As an important inorganic compound, titanium hydride has a wide application prospect in materials science, energy, environment and other fields.


Background and Significance of Indium Selenide

As a material with excellent photoelectric properties, indium selenide has a wide application in photoelectric devices, solar cells, microelectronic devices, and other fields, so the market prospect of indium selenide has attracted much attention.


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Main Application and Market Prospect of Nano Silver Powder CAS 7440-22-4

Nanometer silver powder is a new kind of nanomaterial, which refers to the silver element that exists in the state of nanometer-sized particles. Its size is at the nanometer level, and it has exceptionally high surface energy and activity, which make


Lithium Sulfide: A Battery Material With Potential Applications

Lithium sulfide (Li2S) is a potential battery material with high energy density and low cost, so it has attracted much attention in the battery field. As a new type of battery material, the research and development of lithium sulfide are of great significance to promote the progress of battery technology and meet people's increasing energy demands.


High Purity Aluminum Al powder CAS 7429-90-5, 99%

Aluminum powder (also known as "silver dust") is a metallic silver pigment that is often made of aluminum foil. The aluminum powder can be ground into a fine powder and polished. More information about Aluminium Al Powder

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