Sulphonated Oil SS

Sulfonated Oil is a liquid anionic surfactant that ranges from yellow-brown through to red-brown. It's soluble with water.Solid content 75% The Sulphonated Oil SS: Sulphonated oil SS features rich and fine foam. It is a global trusted brand Su


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Fatty alcohol terminated polyether

The characteristics of fatty alcohol-terminated polyether include wetting, emulsifying and water-soluble. It is also decontaminating, low foaming, and it can be used to clean surfaces.Easy biodegradation. Content: 95% The Fatty Alcohol-terminated P


Preparation of Copper Sulfide Nanoparticles and Its Application in Transparent Heat Iinsulation Coatings

In this paper, self-doped copper sulfide nanoparticles were prepared using the hydrothermal method. The effect of different reaction conditions on the self-doped degree of copper sulfide was studied, and the near-infrared barrier properties of the thin films were adjusted. By introducing nano ATO into the copper sulfide slurry, the blocking efficiency of the coating for long wavelength near-infrared light was further enhanced, and the transparent thermal insulation coating with a wide blocking range was prepared.


Alkylphenol polyoxyenthylene polyoxypropylene block polyether

The non-ionic surfactants with low foam and strong wettability can remove oil stains, dirt, and other contaminants. It has excellent emulsification and cleaning abilities. It dissolves quickly, is not easily gelled, and is easy dispersed. Alkylphen

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