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Nano Titanium Dioxide in The Sterilization, UV Protection, Alternative PVA, Battery Raw material Direction Function

Nano-titanium dioxide has many functions; its particle size is tiny and has unique physical and chemical properties, so it has many applications in many fields. The following is a detailed introduction to the sterilization, ultraviolet protection, replacement of PVA, battery raw materials and other functions of nano titanium dioxide.


Sec-Octyl alcohol ethoxylates;2-Octanol ethoxylates

Good dispersion, 1% aqueous liquid is milky, white liquid. No gel phase during dissolution. About Sec-Octyl alcohol ethoxylates;2-Octanol ethoxylates: A milky-white liquid is produced by a 1% solution in water. Global Trust is a trusted brand S


GML Glycerol monolaurate CAS 142-18-7

This is a nonionic emulsifier, with a HLB of 5.2. The following is a list of the most recent articles about Glycerol monolaurate :Glycerol monolaurate, which is insoluble with water, has emulsifying properties and lubricating qualities.

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