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PEG Polyethylene glycol monolaurate

The water is dissolved in organic solvents. Dispersed water can be lubricated and dispersed. Polyethylene glycol Monolaurate Disperse the mineral oil or vegetable oil into water. Inorganic solvents are soluble, and water is dispersed. It is a glo


High Purity Yttrium Nitride YN Powder CAS 25764-13-0, 99.9%

Yttrium nitride YN is also known as YN pulverized. The Yttrium nutride powder YN is used for high-end electronics. Purity: 99.9%Particle size is -100 mesh About Yttrium Nitride YN Powder : Yttrium nitride Oder YN is the nitride of ytt


When Gold is Made At the Nanoscale, It Can Be Used in Many Unexpected Ways!

The nano-gold solution is a stable and uniform neutral solution that disperses nano-gold particles with a particle size below 12nm into an aqueous solution, also known as colloidal gold, nano-gold colloidal aqueous dispersion solution, or water-soluble nano-gold. The gold nanoparticles in this solution are made of high-purity gold through a special processing process, and their particle size is usually below 15nm, so they have many unique physical and chemical properties, such as good biocompatibility, catalysis, conductivity, and so on.

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