Preparation of Copper Sulfide Nanoparticles and Its Application in Transparent Heat Iinsulation Coatings

In this paper, self-doped copper sulfide nanoparticles were prepared using the hydrothermal method. The effect of different reaction conditions on the self-doped degree of copper sulfide was studied, and the near-infrared barrier properties of the thin films were adjusted. By introducing nano ATO into the copper sulfide slurry, the blocking efficiency of the coating for long wavelength near-infrared light was further enhanced, and the transparent thermal insulation coating with a wide blocking range was prepared.


High Purity Copper Nanoparticles Nano Cu Powder CAS 7440-50-8, 99%

Copper nanoparticles can be described as purple-brown to purple-black in color. These are used for microelectronic device production and the manufacturing of terminals for multilayer ceramic caps. Purity: 99%Particle Sizes: 80-100nm About Copper


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High Purity Cobalt Silicide CoSi2 Powder CAS 12017-12-8, 99%

Cobalt silicide also called cobalt disilicide. Its chemical formula is CoSi2. Cobalt Silicide CoSi2 Pulp has low thermal resistance and good thermal stability. Purity: 99%Particle size 5-10um Cobalt Silicide CoSi2 Pulver : Cobalt Silicide I


Monobranch C10 Alcohol ethoxylates

Monobranch Alcohol Etoxylates (C10) are easily soluble and do not gel in water.The surfactant can be cationic or anionic.Active value content >= 99 About Monobranch C10 Alcohol ethoxylates: Monobranch Alcohol Etoxylates (C10) are easily soluble a


Research Progress and Application of Molybdenum Powder

The preparation technology and progress of molybdenum powder is a concerned research field. With the continuous development of science and technology, people have higher and higher requirements for the performance and quality of molybdenum powder. In order to meet these requirements, researchers are constantly exploring new preparation technologies and methods to obtain higher performance and higher quality molybdenum powder.

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