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High purity manganese diboride (MnB2) powder shows new application potential in energy storage and conversion

Manganese diboride is a compound with the molecular formula MnB2 and molecular weight of 76.56.


High Quality Lithium Battery Anode Material Few Layer Graphene CAS 1034343-98-0, 99%

Few layer graphene (also known as carbon two-dimensional material) is an innovative new material. It has an atomic thickness and can be used for atomic thickening. You can use it as a lithium-battery anode material. Purity: 99% About Many Layers


Unleashing the Versatility of Boride Powders: From Hard Alloys to Biomedical Applications

Boride powders, a type of compound powder formed by chemical reactions between metals and boron elements, are known for their high performance in various applications.

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