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Isomeric alcohol ethoxylates CAS 9043-30-5

The ethoxylates of isomeric alcohol are easily dispersed and soluble in water. They can be used along with a wide range of surfactants, including cationics, anionics, and nonionics. The Isomeric alcohol Ethoxylates Isomeric alcohol is easily dispe


High Purity Lanthanum Nitride LaN Powder CAS 25764-10-7, 99.9%

LaN powder, also known as Lanthanum nutride is a form of Lanthanum. High-end electronics use Lanthanum nutride LaN powder for sputtering targets and ceramic materials. Purity: 99.9%Particle Size: -100 Mesh Lanthanum Nitride (LaN) Powder Lanthanum


Nano-Aluminum Powder: Opening a New era of Clean Energy

Nano-aluminum powder has a wide range of applications in clean energy, including fuel cells, lithium-ion batteries, and solar and wind energy. With the continuous development of nanotechnology and the continuous expansion of the clean energy market, applying nano-aluminum powder will be more extensive and in-depth.

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