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Boron phosphide shines brightly in the semiconductor field, leading a new trend of technological innovation

​Boron phosphide is a compound with the chemical formula BP. Boron phosphide is a solid with a black-gray crystal or powder form, and its crystal structure belongs to the hexagonal crystal system


APS Sodium Alcohol Polyoxypropylene Sulphate, 72%

Sodium Alcohol Polyoxypropylene Sulphate acts as a good emulsifier.Solid Content: >= 70% What is APS Sodium Alcohol Polyoxypropylenesulfate? APS Sodium Alcohol Polyoxypropylene Sulphate easily dissolves in water


Metal Alloy High Purity Tungsten Boat Evaporation Boats of Tungsten

The tungsten boat is a type of tungsten vessel that looks like a boat. It can also be called the tungsten water boat, tungsten evaporation boats or coated tungsten boats. By high-temperature stamping, tungsten boat is made out of high-purity sheet.

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