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Metal Alloy High Purity Tungsten Foil 0.05mm

Tungsten Foil with 99.95% purity High Purity Tungsten Foil for Metal Alloy: Product information: purity: 99.95% density: >= 19.1g/cm3 thickness: 0.05mm Properties: Good thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, adequate resis


AEMES Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate CAS 40754-59-4

AEMES is a foaming detergent with strong detergency and good washing, emulsifications, dispersions, wetting and other functions. It has a high foaming power and is easy to rinse. Solid content: 30 % Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate


Crystal Structure and Phase Transition Analysis of Iron Disilicide FeSi2 Powder

Iron silicide (FeSi2) is an important silicon-based material with excellent physical and chemical properties widely used in microelectronics, solar cells, catalyst carriers and composite materials. The crystal structure and phase transformation of ferrosilicide have important effects on its properties, which is one of the key problems in the study and application of ferrosilicide.

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