C8-14 Alkyl glucoside CAS 141464-42-8

C8-14 Alkylglucoside is typically 50% aqueous or neutral. It is a clear, colorless liquid. It is easy on the skin with a low irritation level and has a good conditioner effect on hair. What C8-14 Alkylglucoside is: C8-14 Alkylglucosides can be neu


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The Principle of Penetrant Action

The action principle of penetrant mainly involves two aspects: on the one hand, by improving the wettability of the surface of the object, the liquid can penetrate the interior of the object; On the other hand, it increases the permeability and absorption of substances by destroying the cell membrane structure.


High Purity Pre-alloyed Iron Copper FeCu Powder

Copper-iron can be refined by adding a little bit of rare earth. Both copper and iron have a melting temperature around 1200 degrees. They are perfectly compatible. About Several metals used in this application combine different materials. The reas


High Purity Copper Oxide CuO powder CAS 1317-38-0, 99.9%

Copper oxide chemical formula: CuO. Copper oxide is a black copper oxide with a slightly amphoteric, and slight hygroscopic chemical formula. The molecular mass relative to the element is 79.545. Its density is 6.96.9 g/cm3, while its melting point

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