C12-13 Alkyl Sulfate Sodium Salt CAS 1231880-35-5, 69%

C12-13 Alkyl Sulfate Sodium Salt has excellent performance in decontamination, emulsification and foaming. It is also resistant to hard water.Solid Content: 69%

Description of C12-13 alkyl sulfate sodium salt:

Physical state: Sodium alkyl sulfate salts are usually white or light yellow powders or crystals with certain hygroscopic properties. Its aqueous solution is weakly acidic because sulfate ions hydrolyze to produce hydrogen ions.

Surface activity: Sodium alkyl sulfate salt has good surface activity and can significantly reduce the surface tension of aqueous solution, so it has wetting, emulsification, dispersion and penetration characteristics. These properties make it widely used in washing, cosmetics, pesticides, textiles and other fields.

Chemical stability: Alkyl sulfate sodium salt has a certain stability to acids, bases and oxidants. However, hydrolysis or reaction may occur under strong acid or base conditions, affecting its stability.

Safety: Sodium alkyl sulfate salts irritate the skin and eyes, and prolonged or large amounts of contact may cause skin irritation and eye discomfort. Therefore, personal protection should be considered during use to avoid direct contact and inhalation.


 Technical Parameters of C12-13 alkyl Sulfate, Sodium Salt

 Product Code  Shortname  Purity      PH  Odor Appearance
C12-13 Alkyl Sulfate Sodium SaltN/A69%7.0-9.5A slightly characteristic smellPaste

Applications of C12-13 Alkyl Sulfate Sodium Salt:

Daily chemical industry

Shampoo and body wash: Sodium alkyl sulfate, as a surfactant, can effectively remove dirt on the hair and skin while having good foam and stability, so shampoo and body wash can have a better cleaning effect during use.

Laundry detergent: As one of the main components of laundry detergent, sodium alkyl sulfate salt has excellent decontamination ability and can effectively remove various stains on clothing. Its surface activity can reduce the interfacial tension of water and oil, help the laundry detergent penetrate the fibre better, and improve the decontamination effect.

Cosmetics and personal care products: Sodium alkyl sulfate salts are used as emulsifiers, wetting agents and dispersants in cosmetics and personal care products. It can improve the product's texture, stability and use effect, making it more comfortable and easy to apply and absorb.

Petroleum industry

Oil recovery additives: In oil extraction, sodium alkyl sulfate salts can be used as oil recovery additives to improve oil recovery efficiency and production. Its surface activity can reduce the interfacial tension of oil and water, which is conducive to oil exploitation and transportation.

Oil purification: In the process of oil processing, sodium alkyl sulfate salt can be used as an aid to oil purification, to help remove impurities and harmful substances in oil, and to improve the quality and stability of oil.

Textile and printing fields

Dye and pigment dispersants: In textile printing and dyeing, the dye and pigment must be fully dispersed to uniformly adhere to the fibre. As a dispersant, sodium alkyl sulfate can effectively disperse dyes and pigments into fine particles, improve their dispersion and stability, and make the fabric a brighter and more uniform colour.

Fabric softener: In the textile processing process, the addition of sodium alkyl sulfate can be used as a softener to improve the feel of the fabric, making it more soft, smooth and comfortable.

Production Method of C12-13 Alkyl Sulfate Sodium Salt:

Esterification: Alcohol and sulfuric acid are added to the reactor, heated to a certain temperature, and stirred evenly. Under the action of sulfuric acid, the hydroxyl group of alcohol and the hydrogen ion of sulfuric acid undergo an esterification reaction to produce sulfuric acid ester.

Neutralization reaction: the sulfate is mixed with sodium hydroxide solution and stirred evenly. Under the action of sodium hydroxide, sulfate ions and hydrogen ions neutralize to form sodium sulfate salt.

Separation and refining: The reaction liquid is separated to obtain the crude alkyl sulfate sodium salt. Then, the crude product is refined through water washing, dehydration, and drying to obtain high-purity alkyl sulfate sodium salt.

It should be noted that safety issues must be paid attention to during the production process. At the same time, it is also necessary to control the quality of raw materials, reaction temperature and time and other process parameters to ensure the quality and output of the product.

Pack & Ship C12-13 Alkyl Sodium Sulfate:
C12-13 Sulfate Sodium Sal quantity determines the type of packaging we offer.
C12-13 alkyl sulfate sodium salt packing 1kg per bottle, 25kg per barrel, or 200kg per barrel.
 C12-13 Alkyl Sulfate Sodium Salt shipping: Upon receipt of payment, goods can be sent by sea, air or express as soon as practicable.

C12-13 Alkyl Sulfate Sodium Salt Properties    

  Alternative Names   N/A
  CAS Number   1231880-35-5
  Compound Formula   ROSO3Na
  Molecular Mass   N/A
  Appearance   Paste
  Melting Point   N/A
  Boiling Point   N/A
  Density   N/A
  Solubility In H2O   N/A
  Exact Mass   N/A

Health & Safety Information for C12-13 Alkyl Sulfate Sodium Sodium Salt        

  Sign Word   N/A
  Hazard Statements   N/A
  Hazard Codes   N/A
  Risk Codes   N/A
  Safety Declarations   N/A
  Transport Information   N/A

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