The Principle of Penetrant Action

The action principle of penetrant mainly involves two aspects: on the one hand, by improving the wettability of the surface of the object, the liquid can penetrate the interior of the object; On the other hand, it increases the permeability and absorption of substances by destroying the cell membrane structure.

The penetrant can reduce the surface or interfacial tension of the liquid, making the solid material more wettable. When the liquid is in contact with the solid surface, due to the action of surface tension, the liquid will form a film on the solid surface, and the penetrant can destroy this film so that the liquid can penetrate the solid interior. At the same time, the penetrant can also change the tension on the object's surface, enhance the liquid's permeability, and make it easier for the liquid to penetrate the interior of the object.

Penetrants can destroy the cell membrane structure, making it easy for substances to pass through the cell membrane, thereby increasing the permeability and absorption of substances. The cell membrane is the boundary between the internal and external environment of the cell. It plays an important role in regulating the cell's material exchange and information transmission. Penetrants can interact with lipid molecules on the cell surface, damaging the structure of the cell membrane and making it more porous. 

In practical applications, the action principle of penetrant will vary depending on the application field and specific conditions of use. For example, in construction, penetrants can be used for waterproof treatment of concrete and stone surfaces to improve the permeability resistance of the surface. At this time, the principle of the penetrant is mainly to improve the wettability of the concrete and stone surface so that the waterproof agent can penetrate the inside of the material and block the pores and cracks inside the material to achieve the effect of waterproof. In the textile industry, the penetrant can be used for waterproofing, anti-fouling, and other treatments; at this time, the principle of the penetrant is to destroy the polar groups on the fiber surface so that the fiber surface becomes more hydrophobic so as to achieve the effect of waterproof and anti-fouling.


Performance characterization and evaluation of modified penetrants: 

Contact Angle measurement: Contact Angle is an important parameter for evaluating the surface wettability of materials. The degree of improvement of the surface wettability of the material can be judged. The smaller contact Angle means that the liquid is more likely to wet the material's surface, facilitating penetration of the penetrant into the interior.

Penetration speed: Penetration speed is one of the important indicators to evaluate the performance of the penetrant. By measuring the depth or amount of penetration of the penetrant into the interior of the material during a specific time, the penetration speed and efficiency of the penetrant can be understood. The faster penetration speed means that the penetrant can penetrate quickly into the inside of the material, thus achieving better treatment results.

Depth of penetration: By measuring the penetration depth of the penetrant inside the material, the distribution and penetration effect of the penetrant inside the material can be understood. A deeper penetration depth means that the penetrant can better penetrate the inside of the material, thus achieving a better treatment effect.

Surface topography analysis: Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and other surface topography analysis means we can observe the material's surface after the penetrant treatment of the morphologic changes. This helps to understand the degree of improvement and penetration effect of the penetrant on the material's surface.

Chemical stability: Modified penetrant is an important index to evaluate its long-term application effect. By testing the stability of the penetrant under different environmental conditions, its durability and reliability in practical applications can be understood.

The importance and application value of penetrants: 

Increase the permeability of materials: In the dye industry, penetrants can change the surface tension of materials, making it easier for other substances to penetrate. For example, the dye must penetrate the fiber material during the dyeing process to achieve better results. By reducing the surface tension of the fiber material, the penetrant can make it easier for the dye to penetrate the fiber, thereby improving the dyeing effect.

Promoting chemical reactions: In some organic synthesis reactions, penetrants can act as catalysts, speeding up the reaction rate or changing the reaction path. By promoting the interaction between the reactants, penetrants can improve the efficiency and yield of the reaction, which is particularly important in organic synthesis, can speed up the reaction speed and improve the purity and yield of the product.

Improve wettability: Wettability refers to the ability of a substance to contact and mix with other substances. Penetrants can improve the wettability of a substance, reduce its surface tension, and make it easier to contact and mix with other substances. In the coating industry, penetrants can reduce the surface tension of the coating, make it easier to apply on the object's surface and improve the wettability and adhesion of the coating.

Promote drug penetration: In the drug delivery system, penetrants can help drugs penetrate the organism's interior and improve drug absorption and efficacy. Penetrants make it easier for drugs to enter the cell's interior, increasing the bioavailability and efficacy of drugs. In addition, penetrants can also change the distribution and metabolism of the drug in the body and increase the concentration of the drug in the target tissue or organ, thereby improving the drug's therapeutic effect.

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