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Hollow Glass Sphere, Hollow Glass Beads, glass sphere balls

Hollow glass balls are hollow spherical powdered non-metallic inorganic materials. Their particle size is 5-100mm with a wall thickness ranging from 1-2mm. The compressive strength ranges between 3-125MPa. The following is a list of the most recent


Iron Carbide Fe3C Powder: New Breakthrough in Hardness Enhancement, Supporting the Development of High end Manufacturing Industry

Iron Carbide Fe3C Powder Iron carbide powder is a compound with a gray-colored cubic crystal appearance.


High Quality Water-Based Boron Nitride Emulsion

A water-based, organic high-temperature oil lubricating substance is the water-based Boron Nitride Emulsion. It doesn't bond with or infiltrate molten metallic liquids and it can protect surfaces of ceramic utensils or other refractory material.

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