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Application Prospect of Nano-Zirconia in Biomedical Field

Nanometer zirconia, as an excellent nanomaterial, has been paid more and more attention in the biomedical field. Nanometer zirconia has excellent physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, providing a new idea for diagnosing, treating, and tissue engineering diseases.


High Purity Cadmium Sulfide CdS Powder CAS 1306-23-6, 99.99%

CdS is easily dissolvable with alcohols, water and acids. It is difficult to disperse ammonia because it has an insoluble nature. Or, you can customize it: Powders from 60 to 120 mesh Cadmium Sufide Cadmium Pulp Info: Cadmium Sulfide. Cadmium Sulphi


Poloxamer CAS 9003-11-6

Poloxamer, marketed as Pluronic, is a new class of polymeric non-ionic surfactants. About Poloxamer : Poloxamer can be used as pharmaceutical excipients. Theoretically, there can be innumerable kinds of compounds with such basic structure

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