SC40 Sodium Cumene Sulphonates CAS 32073-22-6

SC40 Sodium Cumene Sulphonates are white crystalline powders or solutions. SCS-40 consists of a 40% solution in water, while SC93 is 93% powder.

Description of SC40 Sodium cumene sulphonates :

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 Technical Parameter SC40 Sodium Cumene-Sulphonates

 Product Code  Shortname  Purity  PH  Odor Appearance
Sodium Cumene SulphonatesSC40NANAA slight characteristic smellwhite powder

Applications of SC40 Sodium Cumene Sulphonates: 

Industrial cleaning: Sodium isopropylbenzene sulfonate plays an important role in industrial cleaning. Because it has good wettability and emulsification, it can combine oil and grease with water to form emulsions to facilitate removal. Therefore, it is widely used in various industrial equipment, mechanical parts, metal workpieces, petroleum, chemical and other pipeline industries, containers, reactors and other equipment cleaning. In use, sodium isopropylbenzene sulfonate is usually mixed with water or other cleaning agents to make a cleaning solution, and the items that need to be cleaned are soaked, scrubbed or sprayed to remove oil and grease and achieve a good cleaning effect.

Textile printing and dyeing: In the textile printing and dyeing industry, sodium isopropylbenzene sulfonate has also been widely used. It can be used as an auxiliary agent for dyes, combined with dyes to improve dyes' colouring ability and brightness, thereby improving textiles' quality. In addition, it can also be used as a textile softener and antistatic agent to improve textiles' comfort and antistatic properties. In the printing and dyeing process, sodium isopropylbenzene sulfonate can be added to the dye solution to help the dye be evenly distributed on the fibre and promote the penetration and diffusion of the dye so as to achieve a better dyeing effect.

Petrochemical: In the petrochemical industry, sodium isopropylbenzene sulfonate is widely used. It can be used as an additive and catalyst to promote the hydrolysis and oxidation reaction of oil products, thereby improving their quality and use effect. For example, in oil exploitation, sodium isopropylbenzene sulfonate can be used as an acidifier and corrosion inhibitor to improve the efficiency and safety of oil exploitation. In addition, it can also be used for oil dehydration and desalting, as well as lubricating oil refining and modulation.

Production Method of SC40 Sodium Cumene Sulphonates: 

Synthesis of isopropyl benzene: the reaction of benzene and chlorine gas under the action of a catalyst to produce isopropyl benzene. This reaction step needs to be carried out under specific temperature and pressure conditions, and the reaction conditions need to be strictly controlled to avoid the production of by-products.

Hydrolysis reaction: isopropylbenzene is hydrolyzed with water to produce isopropylbenzene sulfonic acid. This reaction must be carried out under acidic conditions, using sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid as a catalyst. It should be noted that the hydrolysis process will produce some impurities, such as phenol, aniline, etc., which need to be separated and removed.

Sulfonation reaction: isopropylbenzene sulfonic acid is sulfonated with concentrated sulfuric acid to produce sodium isopropylbenzene sulfonic acid. This reaction step must be carried out under high temperature and pressure conditions and requires strict control of factors such as reaction time, temperature and pressure.

Crystallization and separation: the sodium isopropylbenzene sulfonate solution is cooled and crystallized to obtain the crystal of sodium isopropylbenzene sulfonate. Then, the crystals were separated and washed to obtain high-purity isopropylbenzene sulfonate sodium products.

SC40 Sodium Cumenesulphonates: Packing & Shipping
The packaging options are dependent on the amount of SC40 Sodium Cumenesulphonates.
SC40 Sodium Cumene sulphonates: 1kg per bag, 25kg per barrel, or 200kg per barrel.
 SC40 Sodium Cumene Sulphonates shipping: As soon as payment is received, you can ship your order by air, sea or express.

SC40 Sodium Cumene Sulphonates Properties    

  Alternative Names   N/A
  CAS Number   32073-22-6
  Compound Formula   C9H11NaO3S
  Molecular Mass   N/A
  Appearance   NA
  Melting Point   N/A
  Boiling Point   N/A
  Density   N/A
  Solubility In H2O   N/A
  Exact Mass   N/A

Safety Information on Sodium Cumenesulphonates SC40    

  Sign Word   N/A
  Hazard Statements   N/A
  Hazard Codes   N/A
  Risk Codes   N/A
  Safety Declarations   N/A
  Transport Information   N/A

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