Metal Alloy High Purity Molybdenum Foil

Molybdenum foil, 99.95% purity

Description of High Purity Metal Molybdenum Foil:  

High purity: Molybdenum foil is made of high-purity metal; the virtue is usually higher than 99.9%. The high purity makes the molybdenum foil have excellent mechanical and electrical properties.

Good electrical conductivity: Molybdenum foil has excellent electrical conductivity, and its electrical conductivity is higher than that of copper, aluminum, and other metals. This allows molybdenum foils to be used as conductive materials in the electronics industry, such as lead frames and wafer carriers for integrated circuits.

High thermal conductivity: Molybdenum foil has high thermal conductivity and can effectively transfer heat. In electronic packaging and microelectromechanical systems, molybdenum foil is used as a heat-sink and heat-conducting interface material to help dissipate the heat generated by components.

High strength and hardness: Molybdenum foil has high strength and hardness, and its tensile strength and hardness are higher than most metals. This high strength and hardness make molybdenum foils excellent in withstanding high loads and wear-resistant applications, such as manufacturing cutting tools and wear-resistant parts.

Corrosion resistance: Molybdenum foil has good corrosion resistance to most corrosive media, including acid, alkali, salt, etc. This makes molybdenum foil widely used in the chemical industry, Marine engineering, and other fields.

High-temperature stability: Molybdenum foil has excellent high-temperature resistance and can maintain stable performance in high-temperature environments. Molybdenum foil is used as the heating element and furnace material in high-temperature processing, heat treatment, and other fields.

Low coefficient of thermal expansion: molybdenum foil has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and good dimensional stability. Molybdenum foil is used as a frame and adjusting element material in manufacturing precision parts and optical components.

Good radiation resistance: Molybdenum foil has a high resistance to radiation, so it is used in the nuclear industry, such as the structural parts and shielding parts of nuclear reactors.

Biocompatibility: In some biomedical applications, molybdenum foil also shows good biocompatibility and is non-toxic and harmless to biological tissues. For example, molybdenum foil is used as a material in the manufacture of medical devices such as artificial joints and vascular stents.



Application of High Purity Metal Molybdenum Foil:  

Power field: In the power field, molybdenum foil produces heating elements, such as electric furnaces, smelting, vacuum furnaces, etc. Molybdenum foil's high electrical conductivity and temperature resistance make it an ideal heating element material. In addition, molybdenum foil is also used to make contacts for power equipment, which can ensure the safe operation of power equipment due to its resistance to arc erosion and good thermal conductivity.

Molybdenum foil is used to manufacture electronic tubes, transistors, and integrated circuits because of its excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. Molybdenum foils can also manufacture electrodes, especially in vacuum electronic devices such as electron microscopes and television picture tubes.

Aerospace: In the aerospace sector, molybdenum foil is widely used to manufacture rocket, aircraft, and spacecraft components. Molybdenum foil's corrosion resistance and high strength make it an ideal material for manufacturing rocket engine nozzles and aircraft parts. In addition, molybdenum foils can be used to manufacture structural components at high temperatures, such as the blades of turbines and jet engines.

Chemical industry: In the chemical industry, molybdenum foils are used as catalyst carriers and reactor materials. For example, in the petrochemical industry, molybdenum foils manufacture catalyst carriers to improve the efficiency and yield of petroleum cracking. In addition, molybdenum foil can be used to manufacture the inner wall material of chemical reactors to resist corrosion and high temperatures.

Automotive industry: In the automotive sector, molybdenum foils are used to manufacture exhaust systems and automotive components. Molybdenum foil's high heat and corrosion resistance make it an ideal material for manufacturing automotive exhaust treatment systems and components.

Production Method of High Purity Metal Molybdenum Foil:

Ingredients and mixing: First, molybdenum powder, reducing agents (such as SiO2, CO, etc.), and other additives (such as plasticizers, lubricants, etc.) are mixed according to a certain proportion. 

Press molding: Put the mixed raw materials into the mold and apply a certain pressure to make it form. In pressing molding, attention should be paid to controlling pressure and holding pressure time to ensure that the shape and size of molybdenum foil meet the requirements.

Sintering: The pressed molybdenum foil needs to be sintered at high temperatures to give it sufficient strength and stability. It is necessary to control the temperature and time in the sintering process to ensure that molybdenum foil's density and mechanical properties meet the requirements.

Surface treatment: Common surface treatment methods include coating, carburizing, nitriding, etc. The surface treatment process needs to control the treatment temperature and time to ensure the quality and effect of the surface treatment.

Processing and cutting: after surface treatment, molybdenum foils must be processed and cut to meet the application needs of different fields. In the processing and cutting process, attention should be paid to controlling the processing accuracy and size to ensure the quality and applicability of molybdenum foil.

Transport and Payment  

Alloy Metal High Purity Molybdenum Fol Properties    

  Other Titles   Molybdenum foil
  Compound Formula   Mo
  Molecular Weight   N/A
  Appearance   foil
  Melting Point   N/A
  Solubility In Water   N/A
  Density   >=10.1g/cm3
  Purity   >=99.95%
  Size   Individualized
  Boling Point   N/A
  Specific Heat   N/A
  Thermo Conductivity   N/A
  Thermal Expansion   N/A
  Young's Module   N/A
  Exact Mass   N/A
  Monoisotopic   N/A

Heavy Purity Molybdenum Foil High Quality Metal Alloy Safety & Health Information        

  Safety Notice   N/A
  Hazard Statements   N/A
  Flashing Point   N/A
  Hazard Codes   N/A
  Risk Codes   N/A
  Safety statements   N/A
  RTECS #   N/A
  Transport Information   N/A
  WGK Germany   N/A

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