Application Field and Market Demand of Ethylene Distearamide Emulsion

Characterization results of ethylene disopyramide emulsion:

Stability analysis:

The ethylene distearamide emulsion showed good stability during storage. After long standing, the emulsion did not appear obvious stratification or precipitation phenomenon, indicating good long-term stability. In addition, the stability of the emulsion was also verified at high and low temperatures, indicating that it has a wide temperature range.

Particle size distribution:

The ethylene distearamide emulsion was characterized by a particle size analyzer. This small particle size distribution helps the emulsion disperse and permeate better in the application, thus improving its effectiveness in use.

Surface tension:

Ethylene distearamide emulsions have a lower surface tension, which helps them to better wet and spread on the substrate surface in applications. The lower surface tension helps improve the emulsion's compatibility with the substrate, resulting in better application results.


The viscosity of ethylene distearamide emulsion was measured by a viscometer. It was found that the viscosity was moderate and easy to be stirred and coated in application. This moderate viscosity not only ensures the stability of the emulsion in the application, but also is easy to operate and use.

Thermal stability:

The ethylene distearamide emulsion showed good thermal stability at high temperatures, and the properties of the emulsion did not change significantly after heat treatment. This shows that ethylene distearamide emulsion can also maintain stable performance under a high-temperature environment, suitable for high-temperature processing and use.

EBS Ethylene Bis Stearamide Emulsion

Application effect analysis of ethylene disopyramide emulsion:

Applications in the plastics industry:

In plastic processing, ethylene double ceramide emulsion as an internal and external lubricant can effectively improve the processing properties of plastics and the surface gloss and antistatic properties of products. After using ethylene double ceramide emulsion, the fluidity of plastic products is enhanced, the processing temperature is reduced, the product's surface is smoother and more delicate, and the antistatic property is also improved.

Applications in the rubber industry:

As a rubber processing aid, ethylene double ceramide emulsion can improve rubber's fluidity and anti-viscosity and improve rubber products' processing performance and appearance quality. The vulcanization rate of rubber was accelerated by adding ethylene disopyramide emulsion to rubber products were improved.

Applications in the textile industry:

Ethylene distearamide emulsion is widely used in textile production as a softening, antistatic, and waterproofing agent. The textile treated with ethylene distearamide emulsion has enhanced softness, improved antistatic properties, and waterproof function. This helps to improve the wearing comfort and service life of the textile.

Applications in the coating industry:

As a thickening agent, anti-settling agent, and leveling agent of coatings, ethylene disopyramide emulsion can improve the stability and performance of coatings. After adding ethylene distearamide emulsion to the coating, the viscosity of the coating is moderate, and it is easy to apply and apply. At the same time, the drying speed of the coating is accelerated, and the coating surface is smoother.

Application effect of ethylene disopyramide emulsion in related fields:

Plastics Industry:

Improved processing performance: ethylene double ceramide emulsion as an internal and external lubricant significantly reduces the processing temperature of plastics, improves melting flow, and reduces energy consumption during processing.

Surface quality improvement:

  • The surface of plastic products is smoother.

  • The gloss is enhanced.

Antistatic performance: effectively reduces the electrostatic generation of plastic products to avoid dust adsorption and adhesion between products.

Rubber industry:

Processing aid effect: improve the rubber fluidity, reduce the vulcanization temperature, and improve the production efficiency.

Enhanced physical properties: rubber products' hardness, tensile strength and wear resistance are enhanced, and the service life is extended.

Textile industry:

Softness improvement: make textiles feel softer and more comfortable to wear.

Antistatic and waterproof: effectively prevents textile static electricity and water penetration and improves the practicality of the product.

Coating Industry:

Thickening and anti-settling: It improves the viscosity and stability of the coating and prevents the precipitation and delamination of the coating.

Construction performance: Improve the leveling and covering power of the coating so that the coating is more uniform and smooth.

Future Research and development of ethylene disopyramide emulsion: In-depth research and application expansion:

Although ethylene disopyramide emulsions have been used in many fields, many potential application areas still need to be fully explored. The physical and chemical properties of ethylene disopyramide emulsion can be deeply studied to explore its application potential in new materials, new energy, biomedicine, and other fields. At the same time, it can expand its application in existing fields, such as developing ethylene distearamide emulsion products with higher performance.

Environmental protection and sustainable development:

The development of environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and sustainable ethylene double ceramide emulsion products has become an important trend in the development of the industry. In the future, environmental pollution in ethylene disopyramide emulsion production can be reduced using renewable raw materials and green production technology. At the same time, it is possible to explore the application of ethylene disopyramide emulsion in environmental protection, such as developing coatings and textiles with environmental protection functions, to promote the green development of related industries.

Performance optimization and innovation:

To meet the different demands of different fields on the performance of ethylene double ceramide emulsion, the performance of ethylene double ceramide emulsion can be improved by optimizing the preparation process and improving the formula in the future. For example, we can study how to improve the stability, heat resistance, weather resistance, and other properties of ethylene disopyramide emulsion to meet the needs of use in harsh environments such as high temperature and high humidity. At the same time, ethylene disopyramide emulsion products with special functions can be developed through innovative preparation processes, such as new emulsions with self-healing and conductive functions.

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