Titanium carbonitride TiCN powders shine in the field of high-performance cutting tools

Titanium Carbonitride TiCN Powder is a chemical with the formula TiCN. This material has the appearance of a charcoal gray powder and has a high melting point, high hardness, excellent oxidation resistance, flexibility, lubricity, and wear resistance. Compared with titanium carbide, titanium carbonitride has a lower coefficient of friction and higher hardness, thus improving the quality and life of titanium carbide-coated tools. The preparation methods of titanium carbonitride powder mainly include high temperature solution method and TiN and C powder high temperature nitriding method. The high temperature solution technique typically involves the creation of a homogeneous mixture consisting of predetermined quantities of TiN and TiC powders, which are then subjected to hot pressing at elevated temperatures to form the solution. Conversely, the high-temperature nitriding process relies on utilizing TiN powder and carbon powder as primary constituents, undergoing an extended treatment under a high-temperature environment enriched with either N2 or Ar gases. This procedure ultimately leads to the attainment of a carbonitrided product.

Titanium Carbonitride TiCN Powder 

Titanium Carbonitride TiCN Powder


With the growing demand for high-precision and high-efficiency cutting tools in the manufacturing industry, titanium carbonitride (TiCN) powder, as a new high-performance coating material, has shown great application potential and market value in the field of cutting tools.


Titanium carbonitride TiCN powder has excellent properties such as high hardness, good wear resistance, and strong oxidation resistance, making it an ideal material for manufacturing high-performance cutting tools. Applying a layer of TiCN powder onto the cutting tool's surface serves to markedly enhance its cutting efficacy and prolong its lifespan, thereby effectively reducing manufacturing costs and boosting production efficiency.


Recently, a well-known domestic cutting tool manufacturing enterprise successfully applied titanium carbonitride TiCN powder to the production of its new generation of high-performance cutting tools. After a practical application test, the cutting tool has excellent performance in cutting speed, cutting precision, wear resistance, and other aspects, and has been highly recognized and praised by customers.


According to the technical person in charge of the enterprise, the introduction of titanium carbonitride TiCN powder not only improves the cutting performance of the cutting tool, but also reduces the wear rate of the tool and extends the service life of the tool. At the same time, due to the excellent oxidation resistance of TiCN powder, the cutting tool can still maintain stable cutting performance under high-temperature environments and further improve the applicability and reliability of the cutting tool.

Industry experts said that the application of titanium carbonitride TiCN powder in the field of cutting tools has not only promoted the progress of cutting tool technology but also injected new vitality into the development of manufacturing. In the future, with the continuous maturity of titanium carbonitride TiCN powder preparation technology and the continuous expansion of application fields, its application prospects in the field of high-performance cutting tools will be broader.


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