HR-S2 Sodium Dodecyl Phosphate: The backbone of modern cosmetics and industrial formulas

 In the fields of cosmetics and industrial applications, there is a component that stands out for its multifunctionality and effectiveness - HR-S2 sodium dodecyl phosphate. This powerful surfactant is not just a name; This is a commitment to quality, performance, and reliability.


HR-S2 sodium dodecyl phosphate (SLP) is a key ingredient in many personal care products, from shampoo and conditioner to facial cleansers and bubble baths. Its unique ability to produce rich and stable foam makes it a favorite of formulators. But SLP is not just about appearance; It also effectively cleanses the skin and hair, making them feel refreshed.


HR-S2 Sodium Lauryl Phosphate 

HR-S2 Sodium Lauryl Phosphate


In industrial applications, the emulsifying and dispersing properties of SLP make it valuable in lubricants, detergents, and metal cleaners. Its compatibility with various other components ensures the smooth progress of the production process and the consistency of product quality.


Recently, HR-S2 sodium dodecyl phosphate has made headlines due to its environmental friendliness. Many manufacturers now consider SLP as a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional surfactants. It not only has a minor impact on aquatic ecosystems but can also quickly biodegrade and reduce the burden on landfills.


In addition, SLP is highly praised for its skin-friendly properties. Unlike some other surfactants, it does not strip the skin of natural oils, keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized. This is particularly important in today's market as consumers are increasingly aware of the ingredients in their personal care products.

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