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EF-42 Perfluoro-1-butanesulfonic Acid Potassium Salt CAS 29420-49-3

This product, a white powder, is a perfluorinated anionic surfactant. It has general characteristics of fluorinated cationic surfactants. About EF-42 Perfluoro-1-butanesulfonic Acid Potassium Salt: EF-42 Perfluoro-1-butanesulfonic Acid Potassium


High Purity Copper Oxide CuO powder CAS 1317-38-0, 99.9%

Copper oxide chemical formula: CuO. Copper oxide is a black copper oxide with a slightly amphoteric, and slight hygroscopic chemical formula. The molecular mass relative to the element is 79.545. Its density is 6.96.9 g/cm3, while its melting point


Phase Transition of Nickel Silicide Compounds and Their Electrical Properties

Nickel silicide compound has significant application value, and its phase transition behavior and electrical properties have attracted much attention. Phase transition refers to the phenomenon that the internal crystal structure of a substance changes when external conditions such as temperature and pressure change. The study of the phase transition of nickel silicide compounds is of great significance for understanding their properties and optimizing their application.

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