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High purity vanadium hydride VH₂ powder shows great potential in the field of energy storage

​High-purity vanadium hydride powder, its chemical formula is VH₂; in metal hydrides, the common hydride form of vanadium may be polyhydride or complex hydride; these compounds may have a more complex chemical formula and structure.


The Process Flow And Construction Control Points Of Alkali-resistant Fiberglass Mesh Splicing!

The position of the structural expansion mold is first chiseled, and then rinsed with water. Plastering can be done only after the repair is smooth. It is strictly forbidden to have small or large spots on the edges of doors, windows, etc. in plastering.The thickness of the base layer should be 3mm, and no leakage should be allowed. If there is any leakage, it should be repaired in time.


Laurylamine ethoxylate ether CAS 61791-14-8

As the EO number increases, so does the water solubility and consistency of the raw materials. About Laurylamine ethoxylate ether: The AC-1202, AC-1205 AC-1210 and AC-1215 are classified according to the EO number.

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