Dimethyl octadecyl hydroxyethyl ammonium nitrate

Dimethyl Octadecylhydroxyethyl Ammonium Nitrate has a stability limit of a 5% dilute acids dilute. However, it should not be mixed with anionic surfactants. About Dimethyl Octadecyl Hydroxyethyl Ammonium Nitrate Dimethyl octadecylhydroxyethyl ammo


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The Difference Between Natural Graphite and Artificial Graphite

Graphite is widely used in industry, science, and technology as a unique carbonaceous material. According to the different sources and preparation methods, graphite can be divided into two categories: natural and artificial. Natural graphite refers to the graphite ore mined from nature, while artificial graphite is the graphite material obtained by artificial synthesis or processing. Although they are all graphite, there are certain differences in structure, properties, and application fields.


DPNP Dipropylene glycol n-propyl ether

Dipropylene glycol, N-propyl Ether is primarily used as an industrial solvant, water-based painting, oil film and detergent. Also, it can be used to make agricultural products, electronic inks, textiles, cosmetics. About DPNP (Dipropylene glycol n


The application advantage of stearic acid amide emulsion

As an important surfactant, stearic acid amide emulsion has been widely used in many fields. With the continuous development of science and technology and the change of market demand, the future application prospect and development trend of stearic acid amide emulsion will be broader.

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