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Research On The Application Of Bismuth Powder In Various Fields

Bismuth powder has great application value and development prospects because of its unique physical and chemical properties and wide application fields. The in-depth study of bismuth powder can promote the development of related industries and the continuous progress of science and technology.


Isotridecanol ethoxylates CAS 69011-36-5

Isotridecanol Ethoxylates are easily dispersed in water or soluble and can be used along with a wide range of surfactants, including cationic, non-ionic and anionic. About Isotridecanol ethoxylates: Isotridecanol Ethoxylates are easily dispersed i


Lauramidopropyl Betaine CAS 61789-40-0

It has good compatibility and solubility; good foaming, thickening, and conditioning properties; and the compatibility improves the softness, condition, and low temperature stabilty of washing products. Lauramidopropyl Betaine, CAS 61789-40-0 It h

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