High Purity Manganese Silicide MnSi2 Powder CAS 12032-86-9, 99%

Manganese silicide (also known as manganese silicide) is chemically formulated MnSi2. MnSi2 Powder is used in cemented carbide additives and high temperature structural materials. Purity: 99%
Particle size 5-10um

Description of Manganese Silicide MnSi2 Powder:

Physical property

Manganese silicide is a black solid with a metallic luster. Its crystal structure is similar to that of a silicon steel sheet, and it is a body-centered cubic crystal system. Manganese silicide has a high melting point of about 2100 ° C and a density of 7.5g/cm3. These physical properties make manganese silicide have good stability and corrosion resistance in high-temperature environments.

Chemical properties

Manganese silicide has good chemical stability and does not quickly oxidize or corrode. It is insoluble in water but can react with acids to form silicates and metallic manganese. At high temperatures, manganese silicide may react with oxygen to form manganese dioxide, but the reaction rate is slower. These chemical properties make manganese silicide widely used in many fields.

Thermal properties

Manganese silicide has excellent thermal properties. It has a higher melting point, lower thermal conductivity, and a smaller coefficient of thermal expansion. These thermal properties make manganese silicide have better thermal stability and thermal shock resistance at high temperatures. In addition, manganese silicide has high resistivity and sound insulation properties.

Magnetic properties

Manganese silicide has specific magnetic properties. It is ferromagnetic at room temperature but loses ferromagnetism at high temperatures. This magnetic property makes manganese silicide have a wide range of applications in the field of electronics, such as the manufacture of electronic components and magnetic materials. In addition, manganese silicide also has good electromagnetic shielding properties and can be used to manufacture electromagnetic shielding materials and anti-electromagnetic interference devices.

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 Manganese Silicide Powder MnSi2:
Manganese silicide MnSi2 Powder (CAS 12032-86-9) has a high melting temperature, high corrosion resistance and high oxidation resistant. It is also good for electrical use.
Conductivity, high-temperatureductility, and a binary alloy system within the intermediate phase are dual characteristics for metals, ceramics, and leadivity.

 Technical Parameters of Manganese Siicide MnSi2 Pulp:

Name of the productMFPurityParticle SizeDensityThe color of the sky
manganese silicideMnSi299%5-10um5.24 g/cm3Grey black

 Manganese Silicide Powder Chemical Composition:



 Production Method of Manganese Silicide MnSi2 Powder:

Raw material preparation

Manganese silicides are manganese ore and silica. In preparing raw materials, it is necessary to mix manganese ore and silica in proportion and thoroughly grind to uniform to ensure that the produced manganese silicide products have excellent quality.

High-temperature synthesis

High-temperature synthesis is a critical step in the production of manganese silicide. The mixed manganese ore and silica are put into a high-temperature furnace to react above 1200℃. At high temperatures, manganese ore and silica will chemically react to form manganese silicide. This process requires reasonable control of temperature and reaction time to ensure that the resulting manganese silicide product has excellent quality and stability.

Cooling and grinding

After the high-temperature synthesis reaction, the resulting manganese silicide is cooled and ground to the desired fineness. This step requires professional cooling and grinding equipment to ensure that the quality and particle size distribution of manganese silicide products meet the requirements.

Surface treatment

In some applications, the surface of manganese silicide needs to be treated to improve its adhesion and corrosion resistance. Joint surface treatment methods include coating, coating, etc. By surface treatment, the quality and stability of manganese silicide products can be further improved.

Packaging and storage

Pack the milled manganese silicide product and store it in a dry and cool place. When packing, pay attention to moisture, dust, and other impurities to prevent the development. The quality and particle size distribution of the product need to be checked regularly during storage.

Recycle and dispose of waste

The production process will produce some waste, such as an incomplete reaction of manganese ore and silica. This waste must be recycled and disposed of to avoid polluting the environment. The recycled waste can be reused to produce manganese silicide or for other purposes.

Applicationes of Manganese Silicide MnSi2 Powder:

Iron and steel industry

Manganese silicide is widely used in the iron and steel industry. It is a good corrosion resistance and high-temperature stability material that can manufacture high strength, toughness, and high wear resistance of steel products. Manganese silicide can be used to manufacture surface coatings for steel products to improve their corrosion resistance and wear resistance. In addition, manganese silicide can also be used to manufacture catalysts and auxiliaries in the steel production process, improving production efficiency and product quality.

The energy sector

Manganese silicide is also widely used in the field of energy. It can be used to manufacture energy devices such as high-temperature batteries, fuel cells, and solar cells to improve energy conversion efficiency and energy density. Manganese silicide has good thermal and electrical properties and can be used as electrode material for high-temperature fuel cells to enhance the performance and stability of batteries. In addition, manganese silicide can also be used to make light-absorbing materials for solar cells, improving the conversion efficiency of solar cells.

The field of machinery manufacturing

Manganese silicide also has a wide range of applications in mechanical manufacturing. It can be used to manufacture high-precision tools, mold-cutting tools, etc., to improve the efficiency and accuracy of automated processing. Manganese silicide has excellent wear and corrosion resistance and can manufacture high-precision components and mechanical structures. In addition, manganese silicide can also be used to manufacture high-speed cutting tools and molds to improve the efficiency of automated processing and product quality.

The electronic field

Manganese silicide is also widely used in the field of electronics. It can manufacture electronic components such as semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. Manganese silicide has good electrical and thermal properties and can be used as substrate and packaging material for electronic components. In addition, manganese silicide can also be used to manufacture high-temperature electronic devices and circuit boards, expanding the application range of electronic devices.

Biomedical field

Manganese silicide also has a wide range of applications in biomedical fields. It can manufacture artificial joints, dental repair materials, and other medical devices with good biocompatibility and mechanical properties. In addition, manganese silicide can also be used in fields such as drug carriers and biological imaging materials.

 Shipping of Manganese Siicide Powder MnSi2:
There are many packing options available depending on the amount of MnSi2 silicate powder.
Packaging of manganese silicide, MnSi2: You can vacuum pack 1kg/bag, 25kg/barrel or according to your requirements.
Powder shipping of manganese silicide, MnSi2 Shipments could be made by sea, air or express once payment has been received.

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Manganese Silicide MnSi2 Powder Properties    

  Other Titles   Manganese disilicon, Manganese disilicide, dimanganese silicon,      
  Mn2Si, Mn15Si26
  Compound Formula   MnSi2
  Molecular Weight   111.11
  Appearance   Solid
  Melting Point   N/A
  Solubility In Water   N/A
  Density   N/A
  Purity   99.00%
  Particle Size   5-10um
  Boling Point   N/A
  Specific Heat   N/A
  Thermo Conductivity   N/A
  Thermal Expansion   N/A
  Young's Module   N/A
  Exact   110.891903
  Monoisotopic   110.891903

Manganese Silicide MnSi2 Powder Health & Safety Information    

  Safety Notice   N/A
  Hazard Statements   N/A
  Flashing Point   N/A
  Hazard Codes   N/A
  Risk Codes   N/A
  Safety statements   N/A
  RTECS #   N/A
  Transport Information   N/A
  WGK Germany   N/A

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