High Purity Spherical Graphite C Powder CAS 7782-42-5, 99.9%

Description of Spherical graphite Powder : 

The appearance of spherical graphite is similar to that of ordinary graphite, showing as a black solid powder. However, its shape is closer to spherical than flake or granular. The size of spherical graphite is usually between tens of nanometers and hundreds of microns, with a narrow size distribution. 

Regarding physical properties, spherical graphite has the characteristics of high crystallinity, high electrical conductivity, and high thermal conductivity. Its crystal structure consists of hexagonal carbon rings, which can efficiently conduct electron and heat conduction. In addition, spherical graphite also has high hardness and good chemical stability and can be used in high-temperature and corrosive environments. Regarding chemical properties, spherical graphite has low oxygen and sulfide content and strong oxidation and corrosion resistance. Because its surface is rich in active groups, spherical graphite has good interfacial properties and chemical reactivity.

Application of  Spherical graphite Powder :   

Spherical graphite is a novel kind of graphite that offers a variety of applications because of its unique physical and chemical characteristics. Some of the main application areas of spherical graphite are described in detail below: 

Battery field: Spherical graphite is important in manufacturing and can be used as a negative electrode and capacitor material. Because the spherical graphite has high conductivity and chemical stability, It will improve the energy density as well as the capacity and efficiency of discharge and charge, as well as the longevity of the battery. Spherical graphite batteries have broad application prospects in e, electric vehicles and other fields. 

In the field of refractories, spherical graphite has high thermal conductivity and oxidation resistance and can be used as an additive for refractories. Adding it to refractory materials can improve the high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and service life of the material. Spherical graphite refractories are widely used in high-temperature industries such as steel, glass, and ceramics. 

Lubricant field: Spherical graphite has excellent lubricating properties and chemical stability and can be used as a lubricant additive. Adding to lubricants can improve lubrication, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Spherical graphite lubricants are widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobile maintenance, aerospace, and other fields. 

Catalyst carrier: Spherical graphite has high thermal conductivity and a specific surface area, which can be used as a catalyst carrier. Utilizing it as a support material may increase the catalyst's performance, selectivity, and durability. Spherical graphite catalyst carrier has important applications in the petrochemical industry and environmental protection. 

Electromagnetic shielding material: Spherical graphite exhibits excellent electrical conductivity and a large specific surface area. It is a suitable electromagnetic shielding material. An electromagnetic shielding layer can be formed when added to coatings or plastics, effectively reducing electromagnetic interference and radiation. Spherical graphite electromagnetic shielding materials are important in electronic equipment, aerospace, and military fields. 

Biomedical field: Spherical graphite has good biocompatibility and non-toxicity and can be applied to the biomedical field. For example, it can be used as a drug carrier for drug delivery and treatment of diseases such as tumors. In addition, spherical graphite can also be used as a biosensor and biological imaging agent.

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Production Method of Spherical graphite Powder :    

Spherical graphite is a new graphite material with important application value. The production method of spherical graphite will be introduced in detail below. There are two main production methods of spherical graphite: the chemical vapour deposition (CVD) method and the high-temperature pyrolysis method. 

Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) method 

The CVD method is an effective method to prepare high-performance spherical graphite. The main process includes the following steps: 

Firstly, natural graphite or artificial graphite raw materials are pyrolyzed at high temperatures to obtain pyrolytic graphite. 

Pyrolytic graphite was placed in a high-temperature cracking furnace, and a pyrolysis reaction was carried out under closed conditions to obtain pyrolysis products. 

The carbon atoms in the pyrolysis products were recrystallized into spherical graphite by chemical vapour deposition. 

Finally, the deposited spherical graphite was heat treated at a high temperature to obtain high-purity and high-quality spherical graphite products. 

High-temperature pyrolysis 

High-temperature pyrolysis is a traditional method for preparing spherical graphite, and its main process includes the following steps: 

The raw materials of natural graphite or artificial graphite are pre-treated by crushing, screening and drying; 

The pre-treated graphite raw material was placed in a high-temperature cracking furnace, and the cracking reaction was carried out under closed conditions to obtain the cracking product. 

The carbon atoms in the pyrolysis products were recrystallized into spherical graphite by heat treatment at high temperatures. 

Finally, the surface treatment of the spherical graphite obtained by heat treatment is carried out to obtain high-quality spherical graphite products. 

High-temperature pyrolysis equipment is relatively simple, has low energy consumption, and can prepare large graphite products. However, this process is susceptible to being affected by variables like the raw material's properties and the temperature at which cracks are formed, and the purity and quality of the product are not stable enough. 

In addition to the two main production methods, there are electrochemical methods, ion implantation methods and other methods for preparing spherical graphite. The properties and characteristics of spherical graphite obtained by different preparation methods are also different. 

Prospect Market of Spherical graphite Powder :    

Policy support 

With the continuous improvement of global environmental awareness, governments have introduced relevant policies to encourage the development of environmentally friendly materials. The Chinese government has also actively promoted the development of energy conservation, emission reduction and a low-carbon economy and strengthened its support for environmentally friendly materials. As an environmentally friendly material, spherical graphite has the advantages of high density, high conductivity, high energy storage, etc.. It can be widely used in lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors, solar cells and other fields. Therefore, spherical graphite aligns with the direction of national policy support and encouragement and has a good market prospect. 

Domestic and foreign market demand 

Lithium-ion battery market demand 

With the popularity of consumer electronics such as electric vehicles, smartphones and laptops worldwide, the demand for lithium-ion batteries is growing. As one of the main suppliers of negative electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries, spherical graphite is also increasing in market demand. According to the relevant institutions According to the relevant institutions, the global lithium-ion batteries market will continue to grow over the next few months, which is expected to increase the size of the market for spherical graphite.

Supercapacitor market demand 

A supercapacitor is a kind of energy storage device with large capacity, high power and fast charge and discharge, which can be widely used in power peak regulation, new energy vehicles, rail transit and other fields. As one of the main electrode materials for supercapacitors, the market demand for spherical graphite is also increasing. It is anticipated that the market for supercapacitors worldwide will continue to grow over the coming years, bringing more business opportunities to the spherical graphite market. 

Solar cell market demand 

Solar cells are a kind of green, clean energy, and their market size is constantly expanding. Spherical graphite has the advantages of high conductivity and energy storage density and can be used as an efficient electrode material for solar cells. With the continuous expansion of the solar cell market, the application of spherical graphite in the field of solar cells will also continue to increase.

Advantages of Spherical Graphite :

High-efficiency energy storage density 

Spherical graphite has the advantages of high density, high conductivity and high energy storage, making it an efficient energy storage material. Compared with traditional carbon materials, spherical graphite has a higher energy storage density, which can improve energy density as well as the performance of the battery.

Good electrical conductivity 

Spherical graphite has good electrical conductivity, and its electrical conductivity is better than that of traditional carbon materials. It makes the spherical graphite have higher conductive efficiency and lower internal resistance in electronic devices such as batteries and supercapacitors, which is conducive to improving the performance and life of electronic devices. 

High-temperature stability and corrosion resistance 

Spherical graphite has the advantages of high-temperature stability and corrosion resistance and can be used in high-temperature and corrosive environments. It makes spherical graphite in the field's high temperature and corrosive environment have wider application prospects, such as aerospace, military, etc.


Damp reunion may adversely impact C powder's performance or usage. Therefore, sphere graphite should always be sealed in vacuum bags and stored dry in dry, cool places. The C powder shouldn't be subjected to stress.  
Delivery of spherical Graphite C powder:  
There are many packaging options that can be used depending on the volume of spherical Graphite-C powder.  
Packing of Spherical graphite dust C: vacuum packaging. Available in 100g, 500g or 1kg bags. 25kg/barrel. Or you can request.  
Shipment of sphere graphite-c-powder can be done by sea, air, or express.  
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SphericalGraphite Property  

Other Titles Spherical graphite Pulverized, graphite dust

Compound Formula C
Motility    12.01
Appearance Black Powder
Melting Point 3652-3697 degC
Boiling Point 4200 degC
Density 1.8 g/cm3
Solubility H2O N/A
Electrical Resistance N/A
Particular Heat N/A
Tensile force 18 MPa
Other Thermo Conductivity 6.0 W/m-K
Thermal Expansion 4.9 um/m-K
Young’s Modular 21 Gpa

Safety & Healthcare  

Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Security statements N/A
Transport Information N/A

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