High Purity Nano Ag Silver powder cas 7440-22-4, 99%

Overview of Nano Ag Silver Cas 7440-22-4 :

Nano-silver is a new type of nanomaterial, with metallic silver as the main component, and its particle size is reduced to the nanometer level by a special preparation process. Its particle size is usually around 25 nanometers. First of all, nanosilver has strong antibacterial properties. Because its particle size is very small, smaller than the diameter of most bacteria, it can easily penetrate the bacterial cell wall and directly kill bacteria. Secondly, nano silver also has good electrical conductivity. Because of its tiny particle size and its large specific surface area, it has a high conductivity, which makes it occupy an extremely important position in the field of microelectronics.

nano silver powder

Features of Nano Ag Silver :

Small particle size: The particle size of nano silver powder is usually less than 100 nm, generally between 25 and 50 nm. This small particle size gives nanosilver powders unique physical and chemical properties.

High specific surface area: Due to its very small particle size, the specific surface area of nano silver powder is much larger than that of micron silver powder of the same mass. This allows the nanosilver powder to have more active surfaces and increases its contact area with other materials, thereby improving its catalytic performance and reactivity.

Excellent electrical conductivity: Silver is an excellent conductive material, and at the nanometer level, the electron transmission between silver particles is smoother, and the resistance is lower. This makes nano silver powder widely used in electronic components, conductive adhesives, inks, and other fields.

Powerful antibacterial properties: The nano silver powder has a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, which can kill more than 650 bacteria in a few minutes and does not develop drug resistance. 

Good optical properties: Due to its size close to the wavelength of visible light, nano silver powder exhibits excellent optical properties such as absorption, scattering, and transmission. This makes nanosilver powders potentially advantageous in applications such as optical coatings, photosensitive materials, laser marking, etc.

Advantages of Nano Ag Silver :

Highly effective antibacterial performance: Nano silver powder has a strong antibacterial ability and can kill a variety of bacteria quickly, including most bacteria and other microorganisms in contact with it. In addition, because the bactericidal mechanism of nano silver is to destroy the cell structure of bacteria and the viral protein structure, it will not produce drug resistance, and it has a good therapeutic effect on repeated infectious diseases.

Excellent electrical conductivity: Nano silver powder has excellent electrical conductivity due to its small particle size and large specific surface area. This makes it occupy an important position in the field of microelectronics and can be used to prepare high-performance conductive coatings, conductive inks, conductive adhesives, etc., to improve the performance and reliability of electronic equipment.

Good optical properties: The optical properties of nano-silver powder make it have potential application value in optical coating, photosensitive materials, laser marking, and other fields. For example, nano silver powder can be used to prepare optical films with high reflectivity and good light transmission to improve the performance of optical devices.

Application of Nano Ag Silver:

Silver nanoparticles are widely utilized in various areas as a nanometer material with outstanding properties. The following are the main application areas of nanosilver:

1.Medical field:

Nanosilver has a wide range of applications in the medical field, the most representative of which are antibacterial dressings and antibacterial coatings. Nanosilver antibacterial dressings and antibacterial coatings can effectively inhibit and kill various pathogenic microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, etc., thereby preventing the spread of infection. Nanosilver can also make drug carriers deliver drugs directly to the lesion site, improve drug efficacy, and reduce drug side effects. In addition, nanosilver can also be used to make medical sensors, medical devices, and other fields. 

2.Textile field:

Nanosilver has good antibacterial, odor-proof, and mildew-proof properties, so it is widely used in the textile field. Nanosilver textiles can effectively prevent the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi to keep the textiles clean and hygienic. At the same time, nano silver textiles also have good breathability and comfort, which can meet people's pursuit of high-quality life. 

3.Microelectronics field:

Nanosilver has excellent electrical conductivity, which makes it one of the important materials in the field of microelectronics. Nanosilver can be used to make microelectronic devices, such as circuit boards, chips, etc., and can also be used to repair damaged circuit boards, replacing the traditional electroplating process. In addition, nanosilver can also be used to make electronic storage devices, such as flash memory, memory, and so on. 

4.Cosmetics field:

Nanosilver has good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is widely used in cosmetics. Nanosilver cosmetics can effectively be antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, reducing skin-free radical damage, thereby keeping the skin healthy and young. At the same time, nano silver cosmetics also have good permeability and absorption, can be quickly absorbed by the skin, and improve the efficacy of cosmetics. 

5.Other fields:

Nanosilver can also be used in the energy field, such as making solar cells, fuel cells, and so on. Nanosilver can also be applied in environmental governance, such as removing harmful substances from water and purifying air. In addition, nanosilver can be used in the construction field, such as producing paint, building materials, etc.


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Storage Conditions:

1) Store in a dry environment at room temperature.

2) Avoid damp and high temperatures.

3) Use immediately after opening the inner packing bag.



Under what conditions will nano silver exist stably?

pH value: In an alkaline environment, nanosilver is more likely to exist stably and play an antibacterial role. In an acidic environment, nanosilver can also play a stable antibacterial role if organic matter exists. However, when the pH value is lowered, the stability of the nanosilver may be affected, causing it to agglomerate or precipitate.

Ion concentration: In a high sodium ion environment, the pH value of silver nanoparticles will be slightly increased, and the particle spacing will be reduced, which may make silver nanoparticles more likely to aggregate and precipitate. In contrast, potassium ions cause a slight increase in pH but a significant increase in particle spacing, which may contribute to the stable presence of nanosilver.

Environmental factors: Nanosilver is unstable to strong light, freezing, and acidic environments, so these conditions should be avoided when stored. The nano silver solution can be stable at room temperature for at least two years.

Solute: Silver nanoparticles wrapped by carbon films will dissolve the carbon film under certain conditions, causing silver nanoparticles to agglomerate, thereby reducing its inhibitory effect on microorganisms. This shows that the solute in the solution can also affect the stability of the nanosilver.

Silver ion concentration: A high concentration of silver ions may increase the system's ionic strength, resulting in the accumulation and precipitation of silver nanoparticles.


Can nanosilver be sprayed directly as a disinfectant? 

Nanosilver can be sprayed directly as a disinfectant.

Nanosilver is the nanoscale metal silver elemental particle size, and its particle size is mostly about 25 nm. Nanosilver has a broad spectrum of bactericidal action, can kill various bacteria within minutes, and does not develop drug resistance. Therefore, nanosilver can be used as a disinfectant and sprayed directly on surfaces that need sterilization.

After spraying, nanosilver ion disinfectant will form a layer of nano-antibacterial film in the sprayed place, physically separating bacteria, forming a layer of invisible protective cover, actively defending against attacking bacteria, and effectively killing bacteria for up to 90 days. In addition, nano silver ion disinfectant also has the characteristics of safety, no irritation, no odor, etc., can be used with spray, is convenient, and is easy to worry about.


What are the physical properties of nano silver powder? 

Due to its small particle size, nano-silver powders exhibit unique physical properties. For example, it has a high specific surface area, which gives it more active surfaces to interact with other materials more efficiently. In addition, the nano-silver powder also showed excellent electrical conductivity and optical properties.


Chemical properties of nano silver powder? 

The chemical properties of nano-silver powders also vary due to their small size. It has strong antibacterial properties, can kill pathogenic microorganisms, such as E. coli, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and chlamydia trachomatis, and will not develop drug resistance. In addition, nano silver powder has good catalytic performance and can be used in various chemical reactions, such as ethylene oxidation, alcohol oxidation to aldehyde, etc.


How stable is nanosilver? 

These properties make nanosilver widely used in many fields.

There are also some challenges to the stability of nanosilver. For example, silver nanoparticles have a strong tendency to agglomerate among themselves, which can lead to a decline in their performance. In addition, nanosilver may react with other substances in certain environments, causing its properties to change. To improve the stability of nano silver, some measures can be taken. Nanosilver can be combined or modified with other substances to improve its dispersion and stability. For example, nanosilver can be combined with polymers, inorganic oxides, and other materials to form stable nanocomposites.

Nano Silver Powder Properties    

  Alternative Names   Silver nanocrystals or nanopowder are other names for AgNPs.      
 Silver nanoparticles, silver nanopowder, and nanosilver
  CAS Number   7440-22-4
  Compound Formula   When you are unsure, ask someone.
  Molecular Mass   107.87
  Appearance   Gray to Black Powder
  Melting Point   660              
  Boiling Point   2162              
  Specific Area   5.37 m2/g
  Solubility In H2O   N/A
  Thermal Expander   (25 degC) 18.9 um*m-1*K-1

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