High Purity Cobalt Boride CoB Powder CAS 12619-68-0, 99%

Description of Cobalt Boride CoB Powder  :

Cobalt boride is a compound with many properties and uses. It is usually composed of cobalt and boron; cobalt diboride (CoB2) and cobalt triboride (CoB3) are common forms. 

Cobalt diboride is a white or bluish powder with high density, hardness, melting point, and thermal conductivity.Cobalt diboride is insoluble in water and acid at room temperature but can react with boron, carbon, oxidants, and so on at high temperatures. It is mainly used to synthesize and modify high-temperature superconducting materials, ceramics, glasses, catalysts, and other fields. 

Cobalt triboride is a black powder with a tetragonal crystal system, and its crystal structure is Pearson symbol oP6-dcm. It has high hardness, melting point, and good thermal and chemical stability, so it has many application prospects in high temperatures, high frequency, high humidity, and other harsh environments. Cobalt triboride is mainly used in high-temperature superconducting materials, electronic packaging materials, advanced ceramics, and other fields. 

In addition, cobalt boride also has good magnetic and semiconductor properties, so it is also widely used in magnetic materials, electronic devices, sensors, and other fields. At the same time, cobalt boride is also used in aerospace materials, high-grade refractory materials, wear-resistant materials, and other fields.

Technical Parameters of Cobalt Boride CoB powder :

Name of the productMFPurityParticle SizeMolecular weightDensityThe color of the sky
cobalt borideCoB99%5-10um69.748.9 g/cm3Black

Chemical Composition of Cobalt Boride CoB (Cobalt Boride CoB powder):



Application of Cobalt Boride CoB Powder  :
Materials science
Cobalt-boride's special antioxidant property is a characteristic that can make them valuable in materials science. Cobalt boride is a good coating option. It can prolong the life of metal components and increase wear resistance and corrosion resistance. This has been applied to the development of drug delivery systems in biomedicine.
Renewable energy
Cobalt-boride has also been investigated for its potential as a catalyst in hydrogen storage or fuel cell technology.
Organic synthesis
Additionally, Cobalt Boride has an excellent hydrogenation catalyst that can be used in organic synthesis. Cobalt boreide, which was also found to be a highly selective catalyst for primary amino production via nitrile reduction, outperformed other cobalt-containing catalysts in ONE study.

Production Method of Cobalt Boride CoB Powder  :

Mechanical mixing method: Metal cobalt and boron powder are mixed in a ball mill or mortar, and the two powders are fully contacted and mixed evenly through ball milling or grinding. The bulk or granular cobalt boride is made by pressing or sintering. 

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD): The elements or compounds of cobalt and boron are heated to high temperatures and react with a reactive agent such as hydrogen or ammonia in the gas phase to produce a thin film of cobalt borides. The cobalt boride film obtained by this method has the advantages of high purity, high density, and high flatness. It is suitable for preparing high-performance electronic devices and superconducting materials. 

Molten salt electrolysis method: the oxide or salt of cobalt and boron is melted at high temperature, the current is passed into the molten mixture, and the cobalt boride is gradually precipitated on the cathode. This method is suitable for large-scale production, but the obtained cobalt boride is low purity and requires post-treatment. 

Hydrothermal method: the compound of cobalt and boron is dissolved in water, and then the reaction is carried out in a sealed high-temperature and high-pressure reactor to prepare cobalt boride. The cobalt boride obtained by this method has high crystallinity, high purity, and high activity and is suitable for preparing high-performance catalysts and superconducting materials. 

Ion exchange method: a solution containing cobalt ions is mixed with a solution containing boron ions, and an ion exchange reaction produces cobalt boride. This method is suitable for preparing high-purity cobalt boride but requires ion exchange and washing operations, and the process is long.

Prospect Market of Cobalt Boride CoB Powder  :

In the field of high-temperature superconducting materials, cobalt boride is a high-temperature superconducting material with high critical temperature and good mechanical strength. With the continuous development of superconducting technology, the demand for high-temperature superconducting materials is also increasing. Therefore, the application prospect of cobalt boride in this field is broad. 

Cobalt boride can improve the product's strength, hardness, corrosion resistance, and other properties of the ceramics and enamels while improving thermal stability and shock resistance. With the continuous development of construction, homes, electronics, and other industries, the demand for cobalt boride for ceramics and enamel is also increasing. 

In the field of catalysts, cobalt boride can be used as a catalyst for environmental protection and other fields. With the continuous development of science and the emergence of new materials, the application prospect of cobalt boride in the catalyst field is more and more broad. 

In addition, cobalt boride can also be used as a dye intermediate for dye production. The requirements for dye intermediates are increasing with the continuous improvement of people's environmental protection awareness. Therefore, the application prospect of cobalt boride in dyes is also very broad.

Shipping Cobalt Boride CoB powder - Packing and Shipping :

There are many options for packing, which all depend on the amount of cobalt-boride CoB powder.
Cobalt Boride CoB powder Packaging: You can vacuum pack 100g, 500g, 1kg/bag or 25kg/barrel. Or as you request.
Cobalt Boride CoB powder shipment: The payment receipt will be used to send the order by mail, air or express.

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Cobalt Boride Properties    

  Other Titles   Cobalt(II) Boride, cobalt boride, CoB
  Compound Formula   CoB
  Molecular Weight   69.74
  Appearance   Black Powder
  Melting Point   N/A
  Boiling Point   N/A
  Density   8.9 g/cm3
  Solubility of H2O   N/A
  Exact Mass   69.9425

Cobalt Boride Safety & Health Information    

  Signal word   Danger
  Hazard Statements   H315-H319-H335-H350
  Hazard Codes   T
  Risk Codes   45-36/37/38
  Safety statements   53-22-26-36/37/39-45
  Transport Information   N/A

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