Application Prospect of Nano-Zirconia in Biomedical Field

Nano-zirconia has a wide range of application prospects in the biomedical field, mainly in the following aspects:

Drug carrier and controlled release: Due to its excellent biocompatibility and surface activity, nano-zirconia can be used as a drug carrier to wrap drug molecules in it. In this way, the directed delivery and controlled release of drugs can be achieved, improving the efficacy of drugs and reducing side effects. 

Tumor treatment: Using the high thermal conductivity characteristics of nano-zirconia, a large amount of heat can be generated to ablate tumor tissue. This method has the advantages of being non-invasive, with little damage to normal tissue, and provides a new way for tumor treatment. At the same time, nano-zirconia can also be used in new tumor treatment methods such as photothermal therapy.

Biological imaging: Nano-zirconia can be used as a probe for biological imaging, such as X-ray, ultrasound and photothermal imaging. Because of its excellent fluorescence and magnetic properties, it can improve the resolution and sensitivity of imaging and provide strong support for the early diagnosis of diseases.

Tissue engineering: Nano-zirconia can also be used as a biomaterial for tissue engineering, simulating the structure of natural bone tissue, as an ideal choice for bone repair and replacement. 

Biosensors: Using the surface activity of nano-zirconia, highly sensitive biosensors can be prepared to detect various biomolecules, such as proteins, DNA and cells. This is of great significance for molecular diagnosis and therapy.

nanometer zirconia

Application of nanometer zirconia in battery field:

Lithium-ion batteries: Nano-zirconia can be used as an additive, coating or electrode material in lithium-ion batteries to improve the electrochemical performance of batteries. For example, electrodes treated with nano-zirconia coatings can improve electrode stability and life, thereby extending the service life of lithium-ion batteries.

Sodium-ion batteries: Similar to lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries are also one of the important directions of the next generation of energy storage technology. As the electrode material of sodium-ion batteries, Nano-zirconia has high sodium ion embedding/removal capacity and good electrochemical stability.

Second, the application of nano-zirconia in fuel cells

Nano-zirconia can be used as a catalyst, support, or coating material in fuel cells to improve their performance. For example, nano-zirconia-supported catalysts can increase fuel cells' oxygen reduction reaction rate, thereby improving fuel cells' power generation efficiency.

The application of nano zirconia in solar cells

In addition, nano-zirconia can also be applied to other new energy technology fields, such as supercapacitors, solar thermal utilization, etc. These applications mainly involve the excellent physical properties of nano-zirconia, such as high thermal conductivity and hardness. Nano-zirconia is expected to play a greater role in new energy technology through reasonable design and preparation.


The prospect of nano-zirconia in medical field:

Diagnostic tool

Because of its excellent fluorescence properties, nano-zirconia has been widely used in biological imaging and diagnosis. Compared with traditional diagnostic methods, the imaging technology based on nano-zirconia has higher sensitivity and resolution. This allows doctors to detect and diagnose diseases more accurately, especially early cancer diagnosis. With the continuous progress of related technologies, nano-zirconia is expected to become an important tool for medical diagnosis in the future.

Drug delivery and release

Another big application of nano-zirconia is as part of drug delivery systems. By encasing the drug in zirconia nanoparticles, the release of the drug can be precisely controlled. This novel form of drug delivery offers new treatment strategies for many difficult-to-treat diseases, such as cancer.

Biomaterials and implants

Nano-zirconia is also used to manufacture biomaterials and implants. For example, it can make artificial joints, teeth and bones. These implants can remain stable in the human body for a long time, greatly improving patients' quality of life. In addition, nano-zirconia also has antibacterial properties, which can effectively reduce the risk of infection associated with implants.

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