Someone Who Knows The Price Of A Small Cement Foaming Machine In Yantai Can Tell Me.

Hi, I am really not sure about the price. This is quoted based on the model you require. Depending on the tonnage, the price is also different.

2. Who knows the quotations of small cement foaming machine manufacturers?

A small cement foaming machine manufacturer quoted a price of 5,200 yuan for the cement foaming machine. China Transport has a small cement foaming machine. It is small in size, covers an area of ​​only 0.5 square meters, and is light in weight. The whole machine weighs less than 100 kilograms. You can go to the site for inspection. Goods once

3. Does anyone know how much a small cement foaming machine costs? Please tell me.

The small cement foaming machine is very good and worth recommending to you. Generally it is 4200 yuan/piece. This model: 1. Simple construction, including feeding, adding water, stirring, mixing, foaming and transportation. 2. The foaming amount can be controlled at the mg level, with good foaming effect and uniform foaming. 3. Using high-pressure foaming, the foam is of high quality and not easy to break. 4. High work efficiency, the construction area of ​​a single machine can reach 1000-1500 square meters per day. Prices are from the Internet and are for reference only.

4Which Yantai small cement foaming machine manufacturer is the best?

very good. We have introduced advanced technology and production experience to develop a series of fine stone concrete pumps and cement foaming machines that meet the needs of the domestic market. We continue to improve product design and process flow, gradually reduce product costs, and improve product competitiveness. With perfect advanced technology and first-class service, we have become one of the most powerful companies.

5 Let’s talk about the price of second-hand cement foaming machine

Hello, I am glad to answer your questions! The general market price of second-hand cement foaming machines is around 2,500 yuan, and the specifications are: discharge volume 20 (cubic meters). The more well-known ones are: I hope mine can help you, thank you!

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