Important Metal Powder in the Gold Industry Iron Powder, Common Classification

Classified by production process:

Reduced iron powder: Reduced iron powder  reduces iron ore or iron oxide at high temperatures by reducing agents (such as carbon, carbon monoxide, etc.). Reduced iron powder has high purity and activity and is widely used in powder metallurgy, diamond tools, thermal batteries, and other fields.

Atomized iron powder: Atomized iron powder is the iron powder formed by atomizing molten iron into small droplets and then cooling and solidifying. The atomized iron powder has fine particle size, high sphericity, smooth surface, etc., which is suitable for powder metallurgy, injection molding, 3D printing, and other fields.

Electrolytic iron powder: electrolytic iron powder is an iron powder produced by electrolysis of iron-containing solution. Electrolytic iron powder has the characteristics of high purity, fine particle size, good surface activity, etc., and is widely used in the electronic industry, magnetic materials, and other fields.

Carbonyl iron powder: Carbonyl iron powder is obtained through carbonyl iron's thermal decomposition reaction. Carbonyl iron powder has the advantages of high purity, fine particle size, and good surface activity. Still, the production cost is high and suitable for the field with special requirements.

Iron powder

According to granularity classification

Coarse powder: iron powder composed of particles with particle sizes ranging from 150 to 500μm. The coarse powder is mainly used to prepare some mechanical parts and metal products with low requirements.

Medium powder: iron powder with a particle size of 44 ~ 150μm. Medium powder suits diamond tools, powder metallurgy, and other fields.

Fine powder: iron powder with a particle size of 10 ~ 44μm. Fine powder is widely used in the electronic industry, magnetic materials, and other fields.

Fine powder: iron powder with a particle size of 0.5 ~ 10μm. Fine powder can prepare high-performance composite materials, nanomaterials, etc.

Ultrafine powder: iron powder with particle size less than 0.5μm. The ultrafine powder has excellent physical and chemical properties and can be used in advanced coatings, catalysts, and other fields.

Classification according to morphology

Spherical iron powder: spherical iron powder particles are spherical or nearly spherical, with good fluidity and accumulation, suitable for powder metallurgy, injection molding, and other fields.

Irregular iron powder: irregular iron powder particle shape is irregular, suitable for some special requirements of the field, such as electromagnetic shielding materials, absorbing materials, etc.

Classification by use

Powder metallurgy iron powder: powder metallurgy iron powder is mainly used to prepare powder metallurgy products, such as gears, bearings, brake pads, and so on.

Diamond tool iron powder: Diamond tool iron powder is used to manufacture diamond cutting pieces, grinding wheels, and other tools to improve the tools' wear resistance and service life.

Hot battery iron powder: Hot battery iron powder is used to manufacture hot batteries with high-temperature performance and fast discharge characteristics.

Electronic industry iron powder: electronic industry iron powder is used to manufacture electronic components, magnetic materials, etc., to improve the performance and stability of products.

Other uses Iron powder: Iron powder can also be used to manufacture wave-absorbing materials, catalysts, coatings, and other fields, and has a wide range of application prospects.

Applications of Metal powder Iron powder : 

Powder metallurgy: Iron powder is the main raw material of the industry, used to manufacture various mechanical parts, precision gears, blades, and so on. By pressing and sintering, iron powder can be prepared into high-strength, high-density materials with excellent physical and mechanical properties. Powder metallurgy products are widely used in aerospace, automotive, home appliances, tools, and other fields.

Diamond tools: Iron powder is important in manufacturing diamond tools, such as saw blades, cutter heads, grinding block wheels, hole drills, etc. Adding an appropriate amount of iron powder can improve the tool's wear resistance, sharpness, and hardness, increase the holding power of the diamond, and improve the tool's service life. Diamond tools are widely used in construction, stone, glass, and other industries.

Hot battery: Iron powder is one of the important raw materials of hot batteries. A hot battery is a high-temperature energy, requiring long storage time and fast burning speed. The high activity of iron powder makes it an ideal choice for thermal batteries, and it is widely used in military, aerospace, and other fields.

Food desiccant: Iron powder can be used as a food desiccant, using its oxidation capacity to absorb moisture and oxygen in the air, maintain food freshness, and extend the shelf life of food. Iron powder desiccant is widely used in food packaging, medicine packaging, and other fields.

Chemical industry: Iron powder is used as a reducing agent and catalyst in the chemical industry, participating in many chemical reactions, such as the synthesis of ammonia and the preparation of hydrogen. In addition, iron powder is also used in the manufacture of pigments, inks, catalyst carriers, and so on.

Electromagnetic materials: Iron powder has excellent electromagnetic properties and can manufacture electromagnets, inductors, transformers, and other electromagnetic components. Iron powder electromagnetic materials are widely used in power, electronics, communication, and other fields.

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